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In-Depth Review – Apple Watch vs Android Wear

With Apple Watch and Google Android Wear smartwatches are quickly becoming the first mass-market wearable electronics attracting a lot of attention. Here’s my in-depth look at the two leaders. 00:32 Original Apple Watch (since 1995)00:36 Introduction1:17 Try-on experience and three models02:48 Unboxing03:06 Design04:59 Inside07:50 Functions:08:13 Watchfaces & Timekeeping09:38 Communications & Messaging11:13 Health & Fitness15:58 Travelling18:08 Work19:10 Family & Leisure20:11 3rd party developer support21:28 Overall experience22:40 What’s missing? Story/editing: Sander SaarCamera: Liis…Continue readingIn-Depth Review – Apple Watch vs Android Wear