Retail Media Boom – Why is every company building an ad network?

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Why every company is building an ad network? We’re used to seeing ads on social media, search, and news sites. However, with new revenue and growth opportunity in sight, every company is building an ad network. This is caused by the recent changes on privacy from platforms like Apple iOS 14, Google Android Privacy Sandbox as well as European Union GDPR and California CCPA regulation. Now retail media, media agencies and TV are growing faster than Meta/Facebook.

In this video:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:11 Every company is building an ad network
  • 02:32 Why now?
  • 02:52 Why – Privacy changes
  • 05:40 Why – Economic slowdown
  • 06:48 Why – Growth opportunity
  • 08:47 Implications – Multinational Brands vs SMB Brands
  • 11:29 Implications – Social Platforms vs AdTech & Agencies