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Sander is passionate about media and technology, helping companies with clearly understanding customers, creating better products and growing businesses. Currently consulting Red Bull Media House with strategy and growth as well as Moonbug, a $145M fund to create and distribute inspiring kids content, with business strategy. Previously futurist and led non-linear strategy at Disney after being the first hire at Maker Studios heading strategy and product internationally. Before that a product manager ​at Verizon Media (AOL) and video distribution network Goviral. Early on he was also a team member at Europe’s largest seed investment fund Seedcamp​ and organized hackathons in Africa with Garage48​. Sander is also a co-founder of Estonian World, largest online magazine about Estonia.

Product, strategy & growth
Strategy & corporate development
Product & strategy
Strategy & growth
Product, strategy & growth
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May 2018

Strategy & growth consultant (ongoing)

May 2018
Apr 2012

Startups fundraising, product, strategy (ongoing), clients include Neverthink, Frolic Media, Rfrsh, Precise.TV

Apr 2012
Jul 2012

Verizon Media (prev AOL)

Product manager

Jul 2012

Volunteer Experience

2020 Mentor at Salto (ongoing)

2019 Mentor at Summit (ongoing)

2012 Co-founder & tech lead at Estonian World (ongoing)

2012 Mentor at Garage48 (ongoing)


2015 Dedication Award Winner by The Walt Disney Company

2012 UK Most Enterprising Student 2012 by Hewlett Packard

2012 Winner of “Creative Talent Showcase Competition 2012”

2006 The second place “The best student company of Europe”

 Winner Hewelett Packard “Responsible business”

 The best student company of Estonia

Public Speaking

2020 Taipei Film Academy – Digital World for Film Makers “Opportunities in the new world of filmmaking” – event

2020 OTT in Europe – Solving the unique challenges of 2020 (by Penthera) – event

2019 European Film Forum “Developing your content for the big business on global platforms” – full video – speaker

2013 BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association) “How to: Effectively use market research to make your branded content  more effective” – speaker

2013 IAB UK Video Conference 2013 “The Science of Online Video – a new model of measurement” – slides – speaker

2013 IAB Spain Inspirational 2013 “Be Emotive: How to cut through and connect with your audience?” – full videoslides and interview – speaker

2013 WARC Advertising Research 2013 “Can emotions predict Cannes Lions winners?” – full video and slides – speaker

2013 MRS Advertising Research 2013 “Optimising the Emotional Connections Your Advertisements Create” slides – speaker

2012 IRL Political Union Leaders Academy training on “New Techniques And Technologies In Marketing” – speaker

2010 Discussion on online privacy in Estonian National Television morning show – full video – interviewee


Creating technology reviews on YouTube channel I Believe In Technology, writing about my Observations and Principals on the blog. Otherwise hiking, yoga, wandering, filmmaking, photography, web/mobile dev, playing the guitar.