Netflix coming to the end of the road – What’s next for Netflix?

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Netflix lost 2M subscribers, 70% of its market value and laid off 450 employees in 2022. Looking to add a lower ad-supported offering, no longer releasing episodes at once, exploring new formats and acquiring gaming studios. Is Netflix turning into a traditional TV network? Times are not easy with increasing competition for talent, content, eyeballs and…sleep.

In this video:

  • 00:00 Intro: what happened with Netflix?
  • 00:38 Why is Netflix losing content and subscribers?
  • 04:04 Challenges for Netflix
  • 04:22 Challenges: Talent Pool
  • 05:36 Challenges: Discovery
  • 07:42 Challenges: Monetization
  • 08:28 What’s next for Netflix?
  • 08:41 Next: Lower ad-supported offering
  • 09:34 Next: Content updates
  • 11:05 Next: New lines of business
  • 12:25 Conclusion: What was promised?