How Synthetic Media will change Hollywood? with AI, Digital Humans, Voice Cloning + Synthesia Demo

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Synthetic media completely democratizes filmmaking. No need for cameras, lights, microphones or even a crew. Cutting the cost from $200,000 in the analogue world and $2,000 in the digital world to just $30 using AI. We’re moving to a world where Hollywood films can be made on your laptop. GPT-3 will write the script, Descript or Respeecher record the audio and Synthesia will edit and film. All of this taking seconds in 50+ languages.

In this video:

  • 00:00 Intro & synthetic media demo
  • 00:39 Synthetic media definition
  • 01:49 History of synthetic media
  • 03:04 Why video?
  • 04:36 Why now?
  • 05:49 Benefits of using synthetic media
  • 06:49 How to create synthetic media? Synthesia and Descript demo
  • 08:54 Personalisation
  • 09:34 Languages and reach
  • 10:20 Use cases incl vtubers, virtual influencers, ai companions,
  • 12:56 Risks in using synthetic media
  • 15:28 Future of synthetic media
  • 18:47 Synthetic media outro demo

Tools shown:


  • Kim Kardashian deepfake
  • Obama deepfake
  • David Beckham & Synthesia languages
  • Digital Domain Autonomous Digital Humans

By Sander

Sander is passionate about media and technology, helping companies with strategy, product and growth. Currently consulting Red Bull Media House with strategy and growth as well as Moonbug, a $145M fund to create and distribute inspiring kids content, with business strategy. Previously futurist and led non-linear strategy at Disney after heading strategy and growth at Maker Studios internationally. Before that product manager ​at Verizon Media Group (AOL) and video distribution network Goviral. Early on he helped Europe's largest seed investment fund Seedcamp​ and organized hackathons in Africa with Garage48​.