How Synthetic Media will change Hollywood? with AI, Digital Humans, Voice Cloning + Synthesia Demo

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Synthetic media completely democratizes filmmaking. No need for cameras, lights, microphones or even a crew. Cutting the cost from $200,000 in the analogue world and $2,000 in the digital world to just $30 using AI. We’re moving to a world where Hollywood films can be made on your laptop. GPT-3 will write the script, Descript or Respeecher record the audio and Synthesia will edit and film. All of this taking seconds in 50+ languages.

In this video:

  • 00:00 Intro & synthetic media demo
  • 00:39 Synthetic media definition
  • 01:49 History of synthetic media
  • 03:04 Why video?
  • 04:36 Why now?
  • 05:49 Benefits of using synthetic media
  • 06:49 How to create synthetic media? Synthesia and Descript demo
  • 08:54 Personalisation
  • 09:34 Languages and reach
  • 10:20 Use cases incl vtubers, virtual influencers, ai companions,
  • 12:56 Risks in using synthetic media
  • 15:28 Future of synthetic media
  • 18:47 Synthetic media outro demo

Tools shown:


  • Kim Kardashian deepfake
  • Obama deepfake
  • David Beckham & Synthesia languages
  • Digital Domain Autonomous Digital Humans