Generative AI Explained: how your life & work will change

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Generative AI is about to change the way we live and work – AI models have achieved human level intelligence, powered by natural language interfaces as part of our daily toolset and the marginal cost of intelligence is getting to zero.

In this video we’ll explore:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:18 The impact of AI is accelerating
  • 01:14 AI new platform era after PC, Mobile and Cloud
  • 01:50 Why did Generative AI took off now?
  • 02:36 Key drivers for AI paradigm shift: UX, Quality, Cost
  • 07:54 Society evolving from passive, laborer, creator to narrator
  • 08:40 Large Language Models explained, use cases and examples
  • 13:28 Image AI Models explained, use cases and examples
  • 16:24 Audio AI Models explained: music and speech use cases and examples
  • 18:59 Video AI Models explained: 3D and avatars use cases and examples
  • 22:05 Code AI Models & Generation use cases and examples
  • 23:27 Science AI Models use cases and examples
  • 25:25 Generative AI Challenges
  • 25:41 Hallucinations & Output Errors
  • 27:28 High cost & slow inference time
  • 28:57 Lack of long term memory
  • 28:45 Data access & copywright
  • 30:52 Close systems & bias
  • 32:03 AI will reset everything

Links mentioned:

  • Synthesia (used for video generation):
  • Descript (used for voice cloning):
  • Jasper AI (used for content creation): New
  • Bing Chat (conversational search):
  • Stable Diffusion (image generation):
  • Dall-E 2 (image generation):
  • Galileo (interface generation):
  • RunwayML (video-to-video editing):
  • D-ID (image-to-video):
  • Krikey AI (text-to-3d):
  • Replit Ghostwriter (text-to-code):
  • Github CoPilot (code autofill):

  • Sam Altman StrictlyVC interview:
  • Lifearchitect overview of language models:
  • Joe Rogan & Steve Jobs
  • David Guetta & Eminem: Roblox
  • Generative AI: DeepMind
  • AlphaFold:
  • Monkey Mirror video:
  • Sam Altman Graylock interview:

Story/Camera/Editing: Sander Saar

February 2023, Los Angeles


By Sander

Sander is passionate about media and technology, helping companies with strategy, product and growth. Currently consulting Red Bull Media House with strategy and growth as well as Moonbug, a $145M fund to create and distribute inspiring kids content, with business strategy. Previously futurist and led non-linear strategy at Disney after heading strategy and growth at Maker Studios internationally. Before that product manager ​at Verizon Media Group (AOL) and video distribution network Goviral. Early on he helped Europe's largest seed investment fund Seedcamp​ and organized hackathons in Africa with Garage48​.