AI will NOT take your job

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The average person uses less than 10% of what the tools enable them to do and only use on 9.4 different applications for daily work. AI copilot will help you do better work by maximizing the use of existing tools, through natural language interfaces give you the skill to use any application and build the autonomous agents that create anything you can describe. It does require our skills, industry and social structures to adapt to the new world. 

In this video:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:27 Why now?
  • 00:52 Better – Copilots and Autonomous Agents
  • 08:18 Faster – Higher Output & Satisfaction
  • 10:10 Cheaper – Higher Productivity & Less Resources
  • 12:10 Implications?
  • 12:20 New Skills 
  • 14:56 Social & Political Change
  • 20:20 New Industries
  • 24:42 ReReview.AI

ReReview.AI – Find the most relevant AI tools:

Links mentioned:

  • Microsoft 365 Copilot (AI productivity)
  • June Smart Oven (AI cooking)
  • Wonder Dynamics Studio (AI visual effects) 
  • Jasper AI (AI content creation): 
  • Premier Pro Text Based Editing (AI video editing):
  • Roblox Generative AI (AI game creation): 
  • Auto-GPT (AI autnoous agents):
  • Cognosys (AI autonomous agents): 
  • AgentGPT (AI autonomous agents): 
  • God Mode (AI autonomus agents): 
  • GPT-4 + Reflection (AI development):
  • ChatGPT Plugins (AI agents): 
  • Github CoPilot (code development): 
  • The Triple Revolution (Cybernation revolution): 
  • AI Dilemma by Center For Humane Technologies (AI challnges): 
  • Eliezer Ydkowsky & Lex Fridman (AI dangers): 
  • Generative Agents by Standford & Google (AI agents): 
  • David Fiedberg on All-In Pod (AI changes): 
  • AI Drake x The Weeknd (AI music): 
  • Ministudio.AI (AI studio for kids): 
  • GTA 6 by 12th Hour (AI game creation): 
  • Andrej Karpathi & Lex Fridman (AI predictions):

Story/Camera/Editing: Sander Saar