Twitter Creator Monetization is here – SUPER FOLLOW

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Social platforms increasingly focus on creators and less on advertisers to drive revenue and platform growth.

Creators’ ability to sustainably create content, build audiences and monetize directly has become paramount.

‘Twitter Super Follow’ fuses Patreon-style access to exclusive content, a Clubhouse-style way to drop into a community audio chat, and a Substack-style way to read paid newsletters.

In recent years, YouTube has also launched significantly more creator monetization than advertiser tools and formats. This includes Super Chat & Stickers, Channel Memberships, Merch, Tickets, and most recently tipping with Applause.

Others are doing even more including TikTok Gifts & Diamonds, Facebook Stars, Twitch Cheering Bits & Tipping. Spotify and Soundcloud are testing direct support buttons on artist profiles. Clubhouse is working on creator monetization as a high priority.

There’s a whole lot more to come as platforms continue embracing the #creatoreconomy