Equity financing for content creators is here

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Mr. Beast (aka Jimmy Donaldson), one of the largest YouTubers with 55M subscribers and 10B views, is launching Creative Juice with Sima Gandhi and Ezra Cooperstein.

Creative Juice is financing YouTubers for a minority stake. Mr. Beast will personally be investing $2M. It’ll not be just about money, but strategic alignment, mentoring, and ultimately building out an entire suite of tools for everything a creator would need.

Genuinely excited for the grassroots innovation in financing creators and helping them build sustainable businesses.

There’s an evolving trend in new ways of financing digital creators through creator collectives such as Every Inc. and creator funds by platforms incl. TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Substack.

Other private examples previously include Next 10 Ventures, which started as a creator fund, but similar to the recently launched Atelier is focusing more on the tools and services for the creator economy.