Disney is 4 years ahead of plan with 146M subscribers

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146M subscribers and 4 years ahead of plan. Why The Walt Disney Company is winning?• Audience and strong IP• Recurring revenue driving the flywheel• Commitment to the new paradigmDisney is committed to being the entertainment company of the future, where content is streamed, guest relationships recurring, and IP extending across content, experiences & consumer products. Investors believe so as well.While Disney’s cash flow and earnings are at it’s lowest since 2010 (from $19B in 2019 to $5B in 2020), the company market cap has never been stronger (from $232B end-2019 to $341B currently). The company is valued at a revenue multiplier similar to Facebook, Google, Apple.As soon as parks & resorts can resume full operation, Disney is positioned better than ever to spin a true flywheel across content, consumer products, experiences (parks, resorts, cruises) – a bundle that every family will have to have.In addition to Disney+ geographical expansion, it will soon have a hub for general entertainment content under the Star brand and launching a standalone Star+ service in Latin America.