Collaborative computing is here – Microsoft Mesh

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Now you can represent yourself across space and time. Imagine holoporting yourself to stand next to your team or family sharing the space and interacting with objects together.

Use a mixed reality headset for the most immersive experience or jump in using a phone, computer or VR headset.

This is all possible with Mesh, recently announced at Microsoft Ignite and running in Azure cloud:

1) immersive presence: represent participants in a distinct form regardless of which device they’re joining on (avatar, hologram)

2) spacial maps: creates a common perspective of the space around each participant as well as an understanding of the physical world.

3) holographic rendering: delivers high fidelity of the holograms, avatars and objects regardless of the device’s power.

4) multiuser sync: creating a common perspective of the hologram and each other within a collaborative session (pose, motion, expression)

AltspaceVR, a featured application on Mesh and premier place for virtual meetups has been recently used by RealEyes. They organized a 75 person offsite in VR utilizing $299 Oculus Quest 2 vs arranging flights, accommodation, food, entertainment.

Here can finally be anywhere.