Why is Epic suing Apple? – Epic Games vs Apple Explained

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Epic Games released a version of Fornite offering alternative payment methods last year, which was going against Apple App Store developer terms. Epic then started a PR campaign against app stores #freefornite​ and sued Apple and Google for monopolist behaviour in the mobile payments space. What does Epic want and what are the implications?

In this video:

00:00​ Intro

00:11​ Context

00:57​ Why is Epic suing Apple?

02:08​ Limited choice

03:37​ Developer restrictions

05:42​ Forced 30% fee

07:04​ What’s at stake?

10:04​ Personal take: market

12:13​ Personal take: potential solutions

14:37​ EU, Senate, House Committee

Access Apple and Epic presentations: https://app.box.com/s/6b9wmjvr582c95uzma1136exumk6p989/folder/136698646305