Why audio is driving growth? Clubhouse learnings + Facebook plan to win

Clubhouse grew from 1,500 to 10M monthly users in less than a year. This caught everyone’s attention from investors to large social platforms. Facebook has a plan to win with live audio rooms, podcasts, soundbites, music and putting a studio in your pocket. This is a new era for audio growth.

In this video:

00:11 Facebook Live Audio in 2011

01:08 Clubhouse intro

01:35 What’s driving Clubhouse success?

04:11 Clubhouse as a format and new entrants

07:10 Facebook plan to win in audio

07:54 Facebook Live Audio Rooms

09:51 Facebook Podcasts

11:24 Facebook Soundbites

12:47 Facebook Music

13:31 Facebook Audio Studio

15:24 Challenges

16:40 Clubhouse growth slows

18:50 Audio is here to stay