Content Blocker / Adblocker Comparison – How to improve your privacy, speed, data and battery life?

On an average news site you visit, there are around 40-100 different trackers and 20-40 ads being loaded. This slows down your experience by 2-3x and costs even more in data allowance. With recent iOS 9 release, it’s become easier than ever to make your experiences better on mobile – ad free, tracking free with improved speed, reductions in data and battery usage.

0:30 What does content blocking mean?

1:10 Why is it important and why traditional publishers don’t want to talk about it?

03:15 – Experience without ads and comparison between Peace, Crystal and Purify

04:10 Future of content monetisation


– Ghostery:…

– AdBlock Plus:

– Peace:

– Crystal:

– Purify:

– Google Contributor:…

– YouTube Fan Funding:…

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Story/Camera/Editing: Sander Saar