Best Sleep Tracker

Best sleep tracker – Oura Ring 2. Tracking your sleep and activity helps to live a healthier and happier life in sync with your body. Oura offers a sleep and activity tracker that blends seamlessly into your life. With accurate sensors, a battery lasts 7 days and an app that gives actionable guidance. Even though it is not perfect, it is as close as it gets for now. In this video, I’ll be reviewing the Oura Ring and in real-life test comparing it to Apple Watch and the original Oura Ring.

Oura Ring 2:

Oura Ring 1:

Apple Watch:

In this video:

00:25 Intro – Benefits in using a tracker

01:19 Hardware

04:45 Accuracy and real-life test

08:14 Software

10:43 Value of using it daily

12:58 Areas of improvement

15:02 Conclusion