3D Printing Today and Tomorrow – from the World’s largest 3D store

00:35 What is 3d printing?
00:53 How does 3d printing work?
1:25 History about 3d printing?
2:35 Applications for 3d printing
5:52 Scan and print something at home?! (with Occipital Structure sensor)
10:28 Scanning booth to print mini-you
11:50 3d printers overview (Makerbot Replicator 2, UP! 2 Plus, Ultimaker 2)
12:55 Challenges for 3d printing industry
14:18 The future of 3d printing

Story/editing: Sander Saar
Camera: Liis Rosenberg

Thanks: iMakr store with Rees, Mustafa, Jim and David

Featuring: Occipital Structure sensor, Makerbot Replicator, Ultimaker 2, UP! 2 Plus, etc.