Garage48 is a sort of bootcamp-meets-hackathon, where ideas are developed into working products/services in 48 hours. I has been organised in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Africa.

It has been featured in TechCruch, ReadWriteWeb, ArcticStartup and other numerous articles in newspapers, blogs, TV and radio.

Being a big fan of Garage48, I was asked to create a short front page film to showcase how does the weekend even look like and urge people to sign up.

This was my first commercial piece filmed solely on iPhone 4.


In addition I also create an intro video for Garage48 HUB, which is a community led coworking space in central Tallinn for startups, creative, tech and entrepreneurial people. Please find the video here.


February 9, 2011
Sander Saar | Garage48 - Sander Saar
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