I started off selling newspapers on the streets aged 10.


At 15 I became the youngest inventor in Estonia and with our student company, we started making wallets out of juice cartons.


I was hired by AOL after creating one of the industry-first Hire Sander Kickstarter Campaigns using a video CV.


My videos have been watched more than 51 000 times on YouTube solely. That’s more than 153 000 min (2550 hours) averaging 3min per video.


I’m a gadget lover. Back in 2010/2011, my video blog Digiguru reviewed and tested many.


I have written a couple of songs and this was my first one. During high school, I was playing bass and singing in a band (one of the recordings). Additionally at the age of 15 I built my first bass speaker (with the help of BassBox Pro).


I did my first solo skydive when I was 18.


I really enjoy buying, selling and fixing all kinds of things. In total I’ve sold more than 25 cars, five motorbikes, tons of audio equipment etc.

When I was 15, I exchanged my scooter for a motorbike and then a car without paying any extra, yet the value quadrupled.


A very keen traveller, I have hitch-hiked from Estonia (Tallinn) to Spain (Tarifa) with only my guitar and backpack for company. I travelled 11,500 km in two months for free, as I had sponsors and was video-blogging along the way.


I’ve been to 29 countries (18% of the World) and lived in five of them (Estonia, USA, UK, Australia, Germany).

In 2011, I spent 132 hours (5.5 days) in the air, totalling 80,211km (roughly twice around the earth).